~New ad campaign by LincPen aims to channelize students’ inner strength towards achieving life’s academic goals ~

15thMarch 2018, Kolkata: Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd. one of India’s most trusted writing instruments for over last four decades with a strong presence over 50 countries, has lauded the resolution and hard work of students who are taking their board exams this year with their brand-new advertising campaign endorsingone of Linc’s most successful product,“Pentonic”.LincPen weaves in the magic that transpires to raise the self-belief through simple humane touch. The new ad campaign for Pentonic during this exam season touches the emotional chord of all its connoisseurs, celebrating a vital phase of student life by eulogizing the virtues of their mental strength during exams with the valiance of a soldier fighting in the country’s battlefield.

Linc has always been a part of the growing generations, this time endorsing their widely successful product offering, Pentonic which has taken the imagination of the nation by storm with its futuristic and new generation look and performance. ‘Pentonic–‘Write the future’ is designed to be an advanced writing instrument for the Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha, keeping in mind their avant-garde needs and demands. With this differentiating ethos Linc has embarked upon an idea that inspires and challenges the future with its boldness.

Their latest ad campaign showcases a focused school girl getting ready to sit for her school ongoing examinations. She gears up by preparing herself mentally for the war up ahead. Moving through the emotional journey of a student’s resilience during the exam at school and a soldier’s never-say-die spirit on the battlefield, the film captures the different moments while getting battle ready, be it in a classroom or combat zone. The film ends with the girl letting out a war cry ready with her battle gear with her weapon of choice: “Pentonic”. Linc has away believed in providing the best writing instruments for students during their examination. The ad film tries to take one through the mindset of a student which is confident and believes in conquering her battleground. Linc showcases their faith in Pentonic and establishes their focus in enabling India’s students to ‘Write the future’.The TVC has been created by the creative agency Brand Bazooka and is LIVE on multiple digital platforms like YouTube and Facebook. It has already gained wide appreciation for their passion inducing storyline and garnered over 12,000 hits on YouTube and likes on over 64,000 views on Facebook.

Speaking on the latest Exam ad campaign, Mr.Deepak Jalan, Managing Director and CEO, stated,“Pentonic has to be one of the best offerings from the stable ofLinc. With its effortless smooth writing and uniqueink flow system, Pentonicenables the students to write their exams with command and confidence.We at Linc, differentiate with innovation, delivering the best possible writing experience for all our consumers at all price points. The new ad campaign is dedicated to the exam warriors who have put in their hard work to achieve success in academics like the spirited soldier of a nation at the battlefield”.

Adding to the thought process behind their latest Advertising campaign Sadhana Karwal Co-Founder & CEO Brand Bazooka Advertising Pvt Ltd.,stated “We decided to set aside the tangible benefits and features of the pen and instead create a communication that appeals to the psyche of a student preparing for the exams. From the initial feedback from the market, the film has been very well received.”

Rationale behind the campaign:

Linc celebrates the true spirit of exams – we believe that the purpose of which is not just to be the yearly check on our academic progress, but it also prepares us for who we want to be in life. Every exam helps us believe in ourselves a little more than the previous one. Linc participates with you in all exams.

The idea behind the campaign was to capture the mood of the students and depict it side by side with aprofession which requires the same level of dedication, commitment and clear focus. Increasingly today, students are more active and aware around social causes and they admire brands that stand for a cause towards the society and the world. The youngsters today seek opportunities to get out of their comfort zones and contribute more towards the causes they believe in. Linc salutes that spirit in these students and encourages them to excel not just in their exams – but also to excel in these causes towards making a better world and society.




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