Bangalore’s Cinépolis Royal Meenakshi has become the first multiplex in India to have this advanced digital cinema laser projector  

Bangalore, Sept. 28th, 2018: Cinépolis, India’s 1st international and the world’s 2nd largest movie theatre circuit by attendance in India, has always introduced the Indian market to new and advanced technology, with an aim to offer unmatched cinema viewing experience to the patrons. To continue the pioneering spirit, India got its first advanced ‘DP4K-60L’ digital cinema laser projector today with the launch of LASER Audi at Cinépolis Royal Meenakshi, Bangalore.

With this launch, Cinépolis India has disrupted cinema projection with the most technically advanced projector to provide a refreshing and never before movie viewing experience to its patrons. Cinépolis prides itself in offering customers “an intimate, pampering experience” at its upscale cinemas. The state-of-the-art and technologically advanced projector, delivers crystal-clear images, coupled with powerful digital sound system, creating a unique environment for the Bangalore movie patrons.

Cinépolis has introduced this technology at Cinépolis Royal Meenakshi. Javier Sotomayor, Managing Director, Cinépolis Asia on the launch said, “We are committed to offer unique cinema viewing experiences to our movie patrons. This technology will revolutionize the movie viewing experience and is the next stage of advancement for film projectors”.

Mr. DevangSampat, Director – Strategic Initiatives, Cinépolis India added, “We aim to provide the best cinema viewing experience through our services and technology and bring movie magic into people’s lives. Boasting a superior image quality with an exceptional brightness level and increased contrast ratio, the newly launched LASER Audi will make watching movies more realistic with a radically improved (3D) movie experience. Even the 2D images it displays are laser-sharp with superbly saturated and uniform colours.”

The DP4K-60L laser projector installed will provide twice the brightness of any xenon projector. It is the world’s brightest cinema projector, designed to provide a premium cinematic experience, at a stunning brightness level of 56,000 lumens. It brings brilliant brightness levels and cutting edge image quality to large screens. The projector is also geared with the unique Integrated Cinema Media Processor (ICMP), and is capable of showing 4K content at 60 frames per second and 3D movies in 4K. The DP4K-60L projector is fully integrated that reduces the complexity.

Cinépoliscurrently has a total screen-count of 350 screens and has 59 cinemas across India.  The company has created a strong footprint across 57 Indian cities having a strong presence in major metros: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru.


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