We light this candle

And salute you

We will see your martyrdom

Doesn’t go in vain

We are ever ready to bear all pain


We salute you brave hero

and bow our head

Kiss thy wound and blood that

That you shed

To show solidarity, respect and gratitude to the great heroes who laid down their lives in Pulwama SFS Principal, students and teachers lit candles with moist eyes and heavy heart. They observed two minute silence to pay homage to the departed souls. The men in uniform sacrificed their lives in their prime youth. Their courage and valour are larger than their lives. We salute you, the brave sons of the soil. We express our deepest condolence for the nations’s loss and those families who lost their near and dear ones.

St. Froebel School salutes the courageous, valorous and audacious heroes of the  Indian Air Force. St. Froebel salutes them for their selfless sacrifice and service. Their act of bravery definitely has created a new zeal and passion of serving the motherland, heightening the spirit of patriotism and nationalism. St. Froebel prays for their safety and well-being.


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