Photo Competitionaims to encourage promising Indian wildlife photographers toshare their vision of Wild Edens

Mumbai, February 27, 2019: Rosatom State AtomicEnergy Corporation announces the ‘Wild Edens Photography Contest’as a part of its Wild Edensproject.

The contest will be held onMarch 1 -10, 2019. Applications are open for all amateur and aspiring photographers from all over India. In order to participate in the competition one shouldpost their wildlifephotographs on social media using the #WildEdensPhotography, #WildEdensSouthAsiahashtags.

Participants can upload up to threephotographs in the following categories: Wilderness Landscape, Birds, Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians, Insects and other Invertebrates and Underwater Wonders. The photographs will not just show how talented the artists are but hopefully inspirepeople tovisit India and explore its wonders.

“Wildlife photography is a very challenging form of photography. It requires a lot of patience, hard work and dedication to capture the one shot that stands out. We are providing a platform to these budding wildlife photographers to showcase their photography skills and wildlife knowledge. TheWild Edens is an ambitious project aimed at increasing public awareness of the environment, global warming, climate change and the threat it poses to ecosystems around the world. With this contest, we seek to raise awareness in the social media,“saidAndreyShevlyakov, CEO Rosatom South Asia.

Seventy entries will be shortlisted and judged by EliaKabanov, Editor, The three winners of the contest will be announced on March 17, 2019. In addition to various prizes, the winners will also have a chance to meet famous Hollywood actress Freida Pinto at the “Wild Edens: South Asia” film premiere in Mumbai.


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