NEW DELHI- Sherrin Varghese, the pop star who has claimed success with hit songs like Kya Raaz Hai Tu Zindagi, strongly feels that the music industry should open up to live performers; He believes that now singers and musicians should perform music they actually like & not necessarily perform Bollywood cliches to stay afloat.

“I have always been a admirer of genre bending initiatives. More of like a technologist who loves to experiment with tunes and not just go mainstream. Recently I performed at Hard Rock Cafe where everyone in the audience loved the 90 min Indie set that I was performing. The point is, everyone is tired of the Bollywood puppetry that our ears are subjected to. The audience now wants something fresh but the venues cannot spend beyond a stipulated marketing budget to fill it up & the artist cannot be expected to be only pushing to draw the audience. And to be honest it is a 2 hour task to get to any venue in Mumbai given the traffic and the pollution. This is where Live web streaming comes in.”

Sherrin believes that the audience education for various sonic versions of the same live performance of an artist needs to be hammered and these different mixes for the live audience at the venue and the broadcast audience needs to be drilled in. He recommends that the industry should create more avenues and platforms where musicians can showcase their talent & perform their own music or renditions of songs their way keeping the end user in mind which is mostly someone looking down on a mobile phone.

“Now the opportunities for live performers have gone up substantially with the  Internet. An Imogen Heap can give a substantial immersive experience to her fans with her virtual reality concert and get audiences into her house without any of her fans leaving home. Closer home, recently VH1 put up a full web stream concert albeit with pathetic jittery sound quality on the streaming end for which they got a lot of flak. For the end user these new platforms are radical, immersive, new & very innovative as it’s like having a front row seat to every concert from the comfort of your bedroom. For the artist this can be a daunting experience as they are practically in an empty room & stand the risk of being judged by non-musical keyboard warriors ready to diss at the drop of a cursor owing to the anonymity of the internet but the good side is that the audience reach is unimaginable!”

“It’s time we have a proper education & dedicated venues & platforms where live performers get trained to modify their content to suit this laptop in a bedroom viewer. The artist community needs to pool in their experiences of how to deal with this new medium to maximise their visibility as increasingly no one’s getting out of their house after reaching home from a 9-5 job for which they just spent 4 hours on the road.”

Sherrin definitely makes a clear point in providing new dedicated platforms to artists & musicians. Also, his new hit, Kya Raaz Hai Tu Zindagi has already topped the charts in 2018 and his recent directorial work ‘Do Lafzon Ki’ tops up his game.


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